What is Concierge Medicine

Concierge medicine is often referred to as Retainer Medicine, Boutique Medicine, or even Direct Primary Care. The idea of paying your doctor directly for medical services is not new—it is the original way in which medicine was practiced before it was redefined by 3rd parties. The idea of the doctor limiting the practice size and charging a monthly or annual fee has been around for nearly 20 years.

Most primary care doctors would rather not see 30+ patients per day; instead, most would rather take the needed time with each patient. This is the challenge that many physicians have in a traditional practice and it is the challenge that Dr. Love-Walker had in her previous practice. As a result, she did what thousands of other doctors have done—developed a direct relationship with a smaller number of patients, with an emphasis on the important services such as same-day appointments, 60 or 90 minute visits ( if needed), a greater focus on preventative health and wellness, and 24/7 access to her via phone or email.

The practice of concierge medicine is not for every doctor, and it is not for every patient. It does, however, offer Dr. Love-Walker the opportunity to continue her passion—with increased time for compassion.

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