Wellness & Weight Loss

My focus has always been on educating patients on preventive care. Good health and wellness incorporates health of mind, body and spirit. All of these areas need to be in balance and require focused, consistent efforts to maintain this healthy balance. Throughout the year, I will offer free classes to help educate my patients, and I will routinely advise patients on adult vaccinations, various male and female health screening recommendations, supplemental vitamins and minerals, exercise and mental health practice.

Achieving ideal weight is a key component of decreasing risk factors for many diseases and for simply feeling energetic and healthy. I will assist patients in reaching their desired healthy weight by using a personalized approach incorporating various modalities, such as using the natural benefits of certain foods and how they are prepared, to reach your health goals. In addition, I will help to educate you on the benefits of supplements that I have used or have seen my patients use with great success in their weight loss journey.

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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”