How do I become a member? 

There are a number of options available to you.  Click on BECOME A MEMBER. You may also call our office to discuss group enrollment for small businesses and special pricing.

Which membership is best for me?

We have tried to make each plan as flexible as possible, as each patient will have a unique health and financial situation. Patients who are fairly healthy and generally make 2-3 office visits throughout the year may find the Silver Plan most attractive. If your health situation requires that you see your doctor more often, you may find the Gold Plan to be the best, worry-free and cost-saving option.

Can I cancel or switch between membership plans?

If you wish to terminate your membership with Your Private MD, your fee will be refunded at a pro-rated amount. When you renew your membership each year, you will have the option to choose a membership plan that best fits you.

I currently have health insurance, how will your practice benefit me?

We believe timely access to health care is equally important as having health insurance. Patients who are able to call their doctor directly or see them more quickly are more productive, will spend less time in the ER, and will spend less time and money on unnecessary procedures or medications.

I currently have a primary care doctor, how will this be different?

Each patient should choose a physician that they are comfortable with. Ask yourself these questions: If you needed to see your doctor within 24 hours, could you? If you called or emailed your doctor directly, would she answer?  If you needed to sit down with your doctor for 30 minutes, would he take the time?

Do you offer special discounts for larger groups or families?

 Absolutely! Whether you have 5, 10, 15 or more within your group, we can offer you an attractive package that includes affordable and timely access to high-quality care.

 Must I pay the fees all at once?

 No, there are several payment options available to you. You may take advantage of semi- annual, quarterly, or even monthly payments plans.

Will I still need to have health insurance?

Although we will not bill your insurance, your insurance will be used to cover costs such as MRI’s, prescriptions, labs, hospitalization, specialists, or other services provided outside of our office.

Why doesn’t Your Private MD accept private insurance?

The added time, cost, and overhead related to insurance billing often gets in the way of providing the best possible health care. I would rather focus on the care of my patients, with fewer influences from non-value added agencies.

Why must I pay a retainer fee to join the practice?

Your Private MD is committed to providing patient-centered, high-quality care to all patient members. You will receive directed, personal, unhurried care. The level of service provided by the entire staff is not commonly found in a traditional practice. Dr. Love-Walker is committed to providing the highest level of care to a maximum of 400 patients. For the practice to be successful, fees must be consistent with the time, effort, and the level of care provided to each patient.

Can I get reimbursed for the fees that I pay to Your Private MD?

In many cases, patients with insurance may be reimbursed 50-70% of customary charges. Patients with the Silver membership will receive a detailed receipt after each office visit. This receipt may be submitted to their (Non-HMO) insurance provider for a reimbursement to the patient.  Please discuss this with your insurance provider.

 How will my High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) work as a member of Your Private MD?

There can be significant tax advantages when you couple a high-deductible insurance plan with an HSA. Distributions from these accounts can often be used to cover your membership costs, as well as services provided by Dr. Love-Walker. The new healthcare law will permit patients with an HDHP to seek the care of a Direct Primary Care (DPC) physician, such as Dr. Love-Walker. The combination of these 2 plans may meet the healthcare requirements of the new law. In addition, if you are under the age of 30 with a catastrophic plan, your healthcare savings can be significant.

How will the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) affect me as a patient of Dr. Love-Walker?

The care provided by Dr. Love-Walker is based on a direct contract between the patient and physician, and will not change as a result of the new law. Because of the increased number of new patients seeking care, those in traditional practices may find longer waits and see a more limited access to care. However, Dr. Love-Walker will remain committed to providing the highest level of care to a maximum of 400 patients.