Become a Patient

Is Your Private MD for you? It is if…

  • You value faster access to your doctor and 24/7 communication, via cell phone, email, or text
  • Your time is important and extended wait time in a lobby is not an option for you
  • You value a personal relationship with a doctor that will take time to get to know you and all that affects your health
  • You are a small business owner and cannot afford the cost of offering health benefits, but understands that a healthier employee is a more productive employee
  • You are seeking cost-savings alternatives to the rising cost of health care for yourself and your employees
  • You prefer a proactive approach to managing weight, diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension and other health related issues

 Becoming a member is a simple process.

  • Please fill out our simple interest form, and we will schedule a free meet-and-greet consultation with you.
  • The staff at Your Private MD will gladly answer any questions and are available to assist you with your decision and provide you the required forms once we have met.

 Membership Options

Silver Membership:

  • Reduced retainer fee, with a la carte services
  • Pay for office visits and physical at time of service
  • Receive a superbill upon each visit to submit to your private insurer for reimbursement, if you so choose

Gold Membership:

  • Retainer covers the cost of a complete physical, flu shots, and all office visits
  • In most cases, no need to pay additional out-of-pocket fees for your visits
  • A bundled fee that provides a physical and allows you to see your physician more frequently, without the need to pay for each visit separately

Annual Membership Fees

Silver Membership Plan

Payment OptionsUnder 30 30-6465+
Annual Fee$800$1,000$1,100
Semi-Annual Fee:
1st Payment$400$500$550
2nd Payment$425$525$575
Quarterly Fee:
Quarter 1$200$250$275
Quarter 2, 3, & 4$225$275$300
Monthly Fee:
Month 1-12$69$89$99

Gold Membership Plan

Payment OptionsUnder 30
Annual Fee$1,300$1,400$1,600
Semi-Annual Fee:
1st Payment$650$700$800
2nd Payment$675$725$825
Quarterly Fee:
Quarter 1$325$350$400
Quarter 2, 3, & 4$350$375$425
Monthly Fee:
Month 1-12$115$125$140

Office Visit Fees

Annual PhysicalComplex/Extended VisitAcute/Routine VisitInjections/Immunizations

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Personal Checks, and Money Orders… and don’t forget to take advantage of your FSA and HSA accounts.  In addition, patients with private insurance can usually receive an out-of-network reimbursement for office visit fees.  For members paying semi-annually or quarterly, a $25 fee has been added to each payment.

Please Note: The services of YPMD is in no way intended to be a substitute for health insurance. Office visit fees will be paid at the time of your visit.