Advocare Supplements

When it comes to supplements, the choices are endless. Unfortunately, not all supplements are created equal. Over the years, I have been approached by a number of companies and physicians requesting that I support or recommend a particular weight loss or nutritional product. Recommending a product to those I care for and about is a really big deal for me. If I don’t truly believe in the safety and efficacy of a product, or would not use it myself, I am certainly not going to risk associating my name and reputation with it. Based on the results that I have seen in others and most importantly myself, I can honestly say that Advocare has made a tremendous difference in my health, strength, endurance, and my dress size!

Throughout the year, I host weight loss classes where my staff and  I teach weight loss techniques and feature the Advocare 24-day Weight Loss Challenge. Patients have had amazing success with our program! To begin your weight loss journey, order your 24 Day Challenge products here, or call our office for more information.

Membership to the practice is NOT required to participate.