Just wanted to thank you for caring for me.  It is great to have a physician who will care for the whole person.  As I enter into this next phase of womanhood, it is reassuring to know that I have you to be open and honest with me. Just having one hour to focus on "me" means so much.  I appreciate all you are doing for me.   Know that you are making a difference!
T. Harris
It is a good feeling to know that when you have essentially died three times from a major cardiac issue, that there is someone to take care of you and to keep a watchful eye.  Dr. Love-Walker is that person, which is why I am a very satisfied patient member.
B. Strawn
Retired from Lucent
For multiple reasons, most US physicians have very little time to interact with their patients. And, even when they do, you’re not sure if they are really listening to you and trying to work with you in a way that appropriately combines their expertise and the patient’s experience of her/his situation. My father was visiting from outside of the US and suddenly got very ill in Columbus. As a long time patient of Dr. Love-Walker, she was the first person I thought of when this happened. I had my father immediately sign up for her private practice. Dr. Love-Walker gave my father time and attention that was noteworthy. In addition to bringing in her expertise as primary care provider-- she treated him with compassion and dignity. Also, she regularly followed up with him on every detail and coordinated her work with a specialist that her office had recommended. Dr. Love-Walker continued to follow up with my father after he left the country. Another, important feature of Dr. Love-Walker’s practice is the staff in her office. They are just as compassionate and professional. Dr. Love-Walker is the kind of the primary care physician that challenges the current norm of patient care. She provides high quality patient-centered care.
Dr. S.B.
The first time I met Dr Love-Walker, I knew I'd found what I was looking for in a doctor. That included one who would take time to listen and carefully respond to my medical needs. After each appointment, she emails a review of that visit to me and to my two daughters. In addition, any time I call or email her with a concern, she promptly answers. What a rare thing that is!! There is never more than a 15 minute wait to see her but the usual thing is no wait. Her office is comfortable and her staff friendly, efficient and caring.   She is very careful to prescribe the dosage and instructions for using each medication after thoughtful evaluation and she follows up as to how that medication works. My health has improved noticeable under her care and I would be happy if my friends could enjoy the same care. I am soon to be 84 years old, and have experienced care from many doctors in the past, Dr. Love-Walker out performs each of them by her care and consideration. It's a pleasure to know her.
L. Bailey

I would like to thank Dr Gina Love-Walker and her staff for all they do. I have not had a doctor in my adult life that cares about her patients well being the way Dr Love-Walker does. She changed my life in 2012 when she referred me to a breast reduction doctor. She didn't just refer me she kept in touch through the whole process. Doctor Love-Walker and her staff have been there when I needed them. The word Love in Dr Love-Walkers name really describes the type of doctor she is to her patients.  

Thanks Kawanis.
worth the cost of engaging them outside of your health plan. Your health is not something to compromise and a physician who understands your health needs is a priority. This is why I continue to see Dr. Gina Live Walker as my primary care physician. She is a caring doctor who understands the whole person and treats you with personal attention. Dr. Love Walker and her office staff are responsive and accessible, and make it a priority to see patients as issues arise. I made the best choice to join "Your Private MD" and have and will continue to recommend Dr. Gina Love Walker to friends as a consummate and caring doctor.
Trudy Bartley
I have been a patient of Dr. Love-Walker's for almost 15 years.  Choosing Dr. Love-Walker as my primary care physician was and still is one of the best decisions I ever made.  She is the platinum standard in health care and is highly recommended by other doctors.   I appreciate that Dr. Love-Walker takes the time to listen to the concerns of all of her patients and does not rush them through appointments. I also appreciate that I have more one on one time being treated by Dr. Love-Walker rather than spending long periods of time in the waiting room reading magazines.   If you are looking for a primary care physician who really, truly cares and is proactive in maintaining the health of her patients, then chose no one other than Dr. Love-Walker.  She is simply the best.
Jeannine Anderson
I have been a patient of Dr. Gina Love-Walker for about two years now.   I can honestly say it is the first time in my 38 years of life that I have a doctor that I absolutely love!  For the first time I don’t feel like a number in a sea of patients.  I know that Dr. Love-Walker knows my name, some of my family members (who also happen to be patients!), remembers stories about my children and cares about my health.  She is professional and thorough and will get to the bottom of any symptom no matter how small.  Dr. Love-Walker also has a great support staff! Prescription refills are processed with ease, referrals are made seamlessly and the follow-up is amazing!  This is why I tell my friends and family about Dr. Love-Walker.  I couldn’t ask for better-personalized care.  It is clear that Dr. Love-Walker has a passion for medicine and for her patients.
I’ve been a patient of Dr Love Walker’s for many years and I followed her to private practice because she is superb. Her connection with her patients and the availability she offers with her concierge practice fits well with my needs. As a working professional I need a doctor’s office environment that delivers time with the patient instead of time in the waiting room. I would recommend her to anyone searching for an outstanding physician.
Victoria's Secret Stores
Five years ago my health was in extreme disarray. I was referred to Dr. Love-Walker by a friend and from my first initial visit I knew then she was the physician for me. Dr. Love-Walker is not only a physician, she is a friend. She genuinely cares about her patients and always goes above and beyond her call of duty as a physician. Throughout my life I’ve had many different physicians but none of them exemplify the level of care that I receive from Dr. Love-Walker and her staff. Dr. Love-Walker and her staff are absolutely phenomenal and exceeds like no other. It has been my pleasure to remain with Dr. Love-Walker as she transitioned from her previous practice to Your Private MD. 
Choosing Dr. Gina Love-Walker as my primary care physician has been a valuable decision. I have been working with Dr. Love-Walker for the last eight months and my experience with her has been great. She is always available to call or text at any time and makes all necessary arrangements in order to meet my needs. All of my visits with Dr. Love-Walker have been very pleasant; she is thorough, informative and gives explanations for any questions or concerns that I may have. When I needed to consult a specialist, Dr. Love-Walker would recommend a comparable physician and schedule the appointment for me. I am pleased and confident that I have the right doctor on my side, day or night.
M. Nami

Dr. Gina Love-Walker exhibits traits of a highly successful doctor. She is empathetic, caring, and compassionate. I feel I have a proactive partner in Dr. Love-Walker. She takes her time to listen to me and works with me to solve a problem. I am made to feel I am more than just a name or number on a piece of paper.

Dr. Love-Walker is accessible. You can reach out and touch her by phone, text or email. There's no waiting to see Dr. Love-Walker as appointments are readily available.

Susan N.

I started going to Dr. Gina Love-Walker for a brief period around 2005 because I heard, “she’s the best internal medicine doctor around.” Going to her when I did was truly a divine intervention because had I not, I really don’t know if I would be present today enjoying my grandchildren. At our initial meeting finding out her focus was on “preventive” healthcare was a plus!

It’s 2013 and I still cannot express Dr. Gina’s dedication to the word “preventive” enough. Since going into private practice, Dr. Gina has been available to me via text message, late night calls, and as a consultant along with me for other medical issues. She has gone above and beyond with her quality of care.

I appreciate Dr. Gina's level of professionalism, knowledge, guidance and concern she gives me as her patient. Her care is outstanding and her dedication is unheard of in this day and age. I am glad her family supports her in being a blessing to others.

With Gratitude
Dr. Love-Walker sets the gold standard in health care.